Zebra Sarasa Clip: a review

There are so many reviews of Zebra Sarasa, that it’s hard to add anything new. It’s a great pen with one of the most well-behaved inks and I don’t remember anyone saying something bad about them. Just buy a one if you haven’t yet. That’s all I can say.

Zebra Sarasa Clip

Not all stationery lovers in the West know that Sarasa Clip is actually the best-selling gel pen in Japan. In both Japan and Taiwan it’s basically everywhere. It’s like the cheap Bic that we have in Europe. Everyone has one and it’s so common that no one pays attention to it.

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Zebra Sarasa is the best-selling gel pen in Japan

One of the reasons behind its popularity is, I suppose, that Sarasa comes in many variants and limited editions. I have no idea how often do they come with new patterns, and not all of them come to Taiwan, but it looks like they have something new at least once per year. No other brand do something like that. They even released a scented version.

Zebra Sarasa Clip: a review

I only own a few special editions, now I am using the Kumamon version, but it’s hard to even count how many of them are out there. I saw Sarasa with Snoopy, Milky Girl, London’s Queen’s Guard, Moomin, Toy Story and others. It’s sad but most of the best versions will never come to Europe or the USA.

Just look at this limited Sumo Edition

Zebra Sarasa Clipor my favorite Lipton Edition


Yeah, I know it’s a pure marketing but those fancy barrels add some life to your typical gel pen.

Every Sarasa I have used so far (more than 20)  has been great. I have had no problems: no skipping, no blobing, no hard starts. It performs well even on a cheap paper.

Zebra Sarasa Clip: a review

Writing is the strongest point of every Sarasa. I prefer 0.38 tip as an everyday writer but since most of the limited editions come only in 0.5 I will take the bigger tip anyway. 0.7, however, can be too wide and tends to feather on low-quality paper.

Zebra Sarasa Clip: a review
Writing sample on Post-it notes (eco version, which is even worse than the standard one)

Two more things I like about Zebra Sarasa Clip: even the standard barrel doesn’t feel cheap and the grip is the best on the market. Compare it to holding the Pilot Hi-Tec-C… It’s like people at Pilot haven’t heard about ergonomy or were masochists. Yeah, for long writing sessions, Sarasa beats both Pilot’s and Uni’s products.

Zebra Sarasa Clip: a review


Since I finally got to review Zebra Sarasa Clip it goes to my list of favorite pens

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Zebra Sarasa Clip