Sailor HighAce Neo – a fine greatness

Sailor High Ace Neo is one of the cheapest Sailors and one of my favorite pens.  I love it so much that I have 5 of them. It’s still a bargain at 9 USD (this is what I paid here in Taiwan) but it has more “soul” than the Preppy. I would even say that thanks to the aluminum cap this pen looks kinda sophisticated. Especially when the pen is closed or capped, it looks much more expensive than it is.

Sailor HighAce Neo
Sailor HighAce Neo
It’s true that at the closer look the barrel looks like a cheap plastic and you can find imperfections here and there, but at this price and with this nib I think no one will care about those. Before we will go into the nib – they are 2 versions of High Ace Neo.

One with a colorful barrel and one with a clear body. Black, orange, green, blue, and red barrels come with the silver aluminum cap. Demonstrators have either black or silver one. If you are thinking which one should you choose, I would go with the demonstrator. The plastic is better and the breather hole is heart-shaped. Plus, my demonstrators are smoother writers. It might be just a coincidence or sailor made some improvements.

The nib is perfection. It’s a Japanese fine, a real needle-point. It’s perfect for taking notes in the margins of research papers I am reading. But I wrote letters with it, too.

That being said, not all of them were perfect right out of the box. One nib was toothy, but the good flush solved the issue. And with use it has become as smooth as a fine nib can be. Another one is easy to dry out. All of them can wait for over a week and they will start with no problems, but one will dry out after 2-3 days without use. No idea why.

There is one more thing I love about the Sailor High Ace Neo – the way it pairs with Sailor’s waterproof ink. I love the color of the blue-black version and the mix of waterproof ink with the fine nib works great on a cheap paper. This is why I usually pair the High Ace Neo with the Sailor’s cartridges.