Platinum Standard PTL-5000A – The Cheapest Gold Nib Pen

If you really want to try a gold nib without breaking the bank, there is no better option than Platinum Standard.
For about $40 you can get one of the best pens quality & price wise.

Platinum Standard Review

I’ve used this pen for a year, and I am still amazed how good and how cheap it is.

$40 for a gold nib?

Where is the catch?

The thing is, there isn’t!

Platinum Standard pen on a notebook

Platinum didn’t cut any corners when it comes to quality. It’s a truly wonderful pen.

Maybe they were able to make it so cheap since the pen is fairly small, lightweight, and thin?

If you like bulky, heavy pens, you might be disappointed. Standard is one of the most lightweight and slimmest pens I’ve ever used.

I love it, though.

I love thin pens for the convenience. And like my pens to be lightweight. This way I won’t get tired even after long period of writing.

That being said, Platinum Standard is far from being high-end. It’s more like a step up from Preppy than your next-level pen.

A set of fountain pens

It shares the burgundy red acrylic resin barrel with other cheaper Platinums, like the Balance. If you aren’t new to fountain pens’ world, you probably stumbled upon them somewhere in the past.

The barrel is, how to put it, OK. It’s easy to scratch; it feels cheaper than, let’s say, Pilot Custom 74, but at this price I would have to be crazy to complain. When you hold it, you don’t have that feeling you hold a piece of art. But again, this is $40 pen with a gold nib.

And the nib is great! It’s as simple as nib can be. No engravings, no fireworks. Just a simple P logo and Kanji indicating the nib size.

It’s extra fine in my case and it’s relatively small. But that’s in line with the overall design. It’s also pleasant. It has some springiness which makes writing truly enjoyable. You can also get some line variation out if it.

Platinum Standard pen on a notebook

All in all, Platinum Standard is a wonderful pen and the gold nib makes it even more appealing.


  • It’s cheap
  • The gold nib (14K) writes perfectly and has some springiness
  • Decent build quality


  • None, but it’s not for you if you like bigger/heavier pens

DISCLAIMER: Theoretically there are cheaper pens with gold nibs but they come from Chinese manufacturers (e.g WING SUNG 698.) I don’t even know if those nibs are really made of gold, so let’s forget about them.

Reviewed Item
Platinum Standard PTL-5000A