Platinum Forest Black Ink review – Perfect Christmas Ink

December is my “stationery month.” Every year at the beginning of December I will look for ink that has Christmas vibe.

Then, I will use that ink do address and write Christmas cards. I send them to family, friends, and penpals. It makes me happy.

This year I picked Platinum Forest Black.

Platinum Forest Black Ink review

Platinum Classic Ink

For me, Christmas is green, red or white. Apparently, I can’t write with white ink, so I usually hunt for something green.  Last year I went with Diamine Steel Blue, which isn’t truly green, yet isn’t blue either. I think that Forest Black is a much better choice.

Platinum Forest Black is a part of Platinum’s new Classic ink line.

Those inks are iron galls, made of, If I am correct, ferrous tannic acid blended with natural ingredients. Forest Black is made of iron and tea leaves.

Platinum Forest Black box left side

Isn’t that great? I love tea, and I am so happy that I can write with ink that is made of tea leaves. And no, it doesn’t smell like tea…

Platinum advertises those inks as color changing, going from lighter colors to almost black. This is true with Citrus Black; it will change from highlighting yellow to a dark black-yellow in a matter of minutes.

The same can’t be said about Forest Black. The writing samples are over 24hrs old. During this time ink got a bit darker but it’s hard to notice. This isn’t an intense, dark green, and it stays that way.

But it’s also not something like Iroshizuku Chiku-rin, it’s much darker.

Platinum Forest Black Writing Sample on Rodia paper

I love the color, though. It’s a mature green that reminds me of a forest in Europe. During mushroom hunting in autumn, I can see similar colors everywhere.

It’s also dark enough to give me that Christmas vibe. Often my Christmas tree will have a similar shade of green.

And I like the shading, another feature that Platinum is proud of.

Platinum Forest Black writing sample

The best part?

Platinum Forest Black is also waterproof and light resistant, which means I can use it for addressing envelopes.

I send cards from Taiwan to Europe and Japan every year and accidents happens. I had envelopes ruined by water before. If it’s conventional ink, it often makes the address unreadable, and I am doomed.

Overall, Forest Black is my favorite green ink. The only downside is the price; it’s more expensive than Iroshizuku.


  • great flow
  • nice shading
  • natural ingredients
  • waterproof!


  • It’s more expensive than Iroshizuku –  at this price, I’d prefer a more premium presence


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Platinum Forest Black Ink