Platinum Blue-Black Ink Review

If I could choose only 1 ink to stay with me forever, it would be Platinum Blue-Black. Not because it’s special but because it’s one of the best inks for everyday use. It just gets the job done. Plus, it’s truly waterproof.

Platinum Blue-Black Ink Review

There are hundreds of ink’s colors (Diamine has well over 100 colors). There are inks which are truly romantic, like entire Iroshizuku line which refers to colors of Japan. But at the end of the day, I don’t need anything more than a standard blue.

Blue is safe for work. Blue has a high readability and won’t make me wanna kill myself like when I have to read something written in red or pink. And finally, standard blue is usually cheap and widely available.

Platinum Blue Black 30ml bottle

The name of the Platinum Blue-Black is confusing. It’s not your typical blue-black. The ink is actually a typical blue color which I just told you about.  The name comes from the past when iron gall inks would change the color on the paper from blue to black over time.  Originally blue-black was a “feature”, not a color. More about that here.

It’s even more confusing because Platinum Blue-Black is neither typical iron gall nor typical dye ink. It does change the color but not from blue to black. After a few days, it will turn into kinda steel-bluish and the longer it stays on the paper the more steely it will look.

Platinum Blue-Black Ink writing sample

That’s because the ink is a mix ferrous tannic acid and blue dye-based ink. After LONG, LONG TIME (decades?) blue dye color will gradually fade away and only the ferrous iron will remain.

Acid???!!! Can I even use this ink?

Yes, this ink is acidic! But it will not destroy your pen. Ok, it might but not totally. Look at gold plated parts around the grip section (click to enlarge):

The ink will not damage plastic parts nor the feed. It won’t eat stainless steel nibs nor gold nibs. It will, however, destroy all gold-plated parts. If the nib or the ring  is gold-plated it will chip away.

The ink will corrode that gold plating and it will turn green, like when copper is oxidizing, and it will fall off, just like dandruff!

There is no way to prevent it and it will happen within a few months, no matter what you do. So, if you have any gold-plated parts it’s better to avoid this ink. I don’t mind it since the damage is done already but I won’t ink any new pen with gold-plated parts with this ink.

That’s the only downside.

Apart from that, Platinum Blue-Black has an excellent flow, it dries fast, it behaves well on a cheap paper. It’s easy to clean and it’s waterproof.

Take a look yourself:

I let the ink dry for about 10 minutes before putting it under warm water. Some of the color got washed out but if you let the ink stay on the paper for 2-3 days it will become 100% waterproof. It won’t budge at all.

I love this ink, for waterproofness alone.

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Platinum Blue-Black Ink