Pentel Energel Permanent – review

One of the best gel pens just got even better.

Ok. Maybe not ‘just’, since I am not sure when Pentel released the Permanent version. The point is, I’ve just discovered it and I love it.

Pentel Energel Permanent

Ah, Energel!

I love Energels. For a daily workhorse, they are one of the best gel pens out there.  And they are reliable. I have to badmouth Hi-Tec-C, again. In contrast to  Hi-Tec-C, my Energels never skip and never hard-start. The only problem I had with them was the lack of waterproofness and ease of potential forgery.

This might sound like a minor problem, but I often sign important documents with my pens and that’s why I have been using Uni’s products or Noodler’s Ink to protect myself from troubles.

Pentel Energel Permanent

With the previous Energel, even a kid from a kindergarten would be able to commit forgery. Just a little bit of water, or a finger with saliva, and the ink will disappear from the page.  Now when this downside is solved I will use Energel even more than before.

Archival-quality ink

The new ink is waterproof, light-fast and fade-resistant. That makes it perfect for signing cheques, contracts and other legal documents and that’s what I am using it for.

Pentel Energel Permanent

Pentel claims that new Energel is fulfilling the criteria of DIN ISO 27668-2:2009 (if you have no idea what’s that DIN ISO, you are not alone.
I didn’t know either and I had to ask uncle Google for help), and most importantly it’s certified light-fast, non-erasable, resistant to ethanol, hydrochloric acid, bleach, ammonia, and water. Uff!


There are some downsides, tho.

There are only 2 tip sizes available, 0.5mm fine point or 0.7mm medium point and 3 colors: black, red or blue. I only have the blue version in 0.5mm.
The color is good, but it’s nothing special.  I would love to see more colors (like Uni’s brown-black or blue-black) or 0.4mm tip, which usually is a perfect balance between uber fine note-taking and signing official documents.

Pentel vs. Competition

Apart from that, it’s your typical Energel. If you like them, you will like the Pentel Energel Permanent. If you don’t, this new ink won’t change your mind anyway. I still prefer Zebra Sarasa Clip

Pentel Energel Permanent

You can get Permanent Energels on Amazon.

P.S It is very hard to prove this scientifically but I have a feeling like the Energel Permanent is just a bit less smooth than the typical Energel. It might be just me, tho.


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Pentel Energel Permanent