News: TWSBI Vac700R

I must say I am impressed by TWSBI and that they are not afraid to constantly improve their products.  What’s most important is the fact that all of their improvements are useful (I am looking at you, Lamy LX!).


The newest improvement comes in the form of the Vac700R, an upgraded version of the Vac700.

Courtesy of TWSBI

As you can see from the photo what they did is a small change to the inner valving.  TWSBI says this will result in a more consistent flow. I’ve never had any problems with the flow in Vac700 but it’s good to know that the new version will be even better.

Vac700R will be available from March 31st. One thing to remember – nib sets won’t be interchangeable between the new “R” version and the old version. TWSBI promised they will sell both types.

Update: TWSBI Vac700R is already widely available 🙂