I hate LAMY AL-star

If I were to choose the most overrated pen, it would probably be something from Lamy.

Lamy is overrated

Lamy as a brand is overrated. All of their pens are writing worse than the competition. When I hear that Lamy 2000 has a “sweet spot” and that’s something normal, I am always thinking – how long people will keep buying that lie?

How come most of Lamys 2000 have the “sweet spot” and write terrible but some of them are writing well? QC is the answer.

But Lamy 2000 is not the topic of today’s article. Let’s go back to the LAMY AL-star

LAMY AL-star review

This will be a short review. Since I hate the pen, there is not much to write about.

I’ve heard before from my friends, that Lamy’s nibs suck. That’s why I avoided Lamy for some time. One day, though, I got the Al-star as a gift. The first impression was great.

Lamy AL-star parts

The pen is well-built, the ink window is a great idea, and I even adore the triangular grip. Thanks to that the pen won’t twist in my hand while I am writing.

Then comes the converter. Compared to Pilot or Sailor’s converters this one is light-years ahead. The build quality is great, it’s smooth, and it looks good. Plus, it snaps in and stays in place thanks to the special, how should I put this?,  “locking mechanism.”

Lamy AL-star nib

So what if the build quality is great when the writing experience sucks? My AL-star writes worse than my Preppys, much worse. By that, I don’t mean it’s scratchy or something. I won’t pull out fibers from a piece of paper. It’s just not smooth and the overall writing feeling is sub-par compared to cheap Platinum Preppy!

Not only that. Pilot Kakuno, Sailor HighAce Neo, and Metropolitan, they all offer a better writing experience. And they are cheaper!

Another problem with Lamy is the consistency. I’ve bought five nibs – to check if only the one I initially got is bad – and all of them are bad. But that’s not all. They have different line width. It’s not a big difference, but it’s noticeable.

I will keep the AL-star in my collection, for the great design, but I will never write with it again.

Now, excuse me, but I have a letter to write, and my reliable Preppy is waiting for me…



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Lamy Al-star