Hobonichi Techo – Review

It’s been a while since I’ve been so excited about… a planner? Notebook? Diary?

It’s hard to categorize Hobonich Techno, but no matter what you plan to do with it, you won’t get disappointed.

Hobonich Techo – Jack of all trades, master of all

They say Jack of all trades, master of all none but Techo is so versatile that you really can use it in your way.

Hobonichi markets Techno as a planner, but it’s WAAAAY more than just that.

First page of the hobonichi techo planner

Need a planner? 

Techo got you covered!

It has calendar pages, and if you need daily, weekly, or monthly planner, it’s all here.

Need a notebook?

Each day has a lot of free space to write. Not enough to get you through a day at a med school, but if you need something for short notes, it’s more than enough.

I always bring Techo to my business meetings, and it’s been working great.  It looks classy, so you won’t be ashamed of taking it out in front of your clients.

Need a diary?

Techno also works great as a personal diary.

As I said, each day has it’s own full page, and if you go with a fine pen, you can fit in your whole day.

Hobonichi Techo 2018 full page view

I use Techno as a mix of planner and diary. On the calendar pages, I plan things, note what I have to do, plan meetings, etc.

I use day pages to note down things that happened to me and my thoughts. Sometimes, I note down important stuff from business meetings, too.

It’s truly a perfect combination.

Additional Stuff

If you are into Japanese culture, you will appreciate the addition of most famous Japanese folk tales and the most important holidays that happen each month.

Finally, there are some blank pages for notes;

and some basic charts, similar to those that you can find in other planners.

More than just a planner

But what makes Techo special are paper and covers.

Hobonichi uses Tomoe River Paper which is incredibly thin and lightweight. That’s why with all those pages (over 400), Techo stays under 1,5 cm and weight next to nothing.

Also, Tomoe River is one of the best papers for fountain pens out there. It doesn’t bleed, it’s smooth, and it makes ink sheen beautifully.

It’s really like they created Techo for fountain pens enthusiasts.

Covers are another story.

Each year Hobonichi releases limited editions of covers for Techo. They usually have a special website with a countdown and controlled leeks to show what will come up next.

Some of the covers, like leather ones, can get pricey (120 USD). Others are plain and inexpensive.

Hobonichi is also famous for collaborating with Japanese companies.  For example, in 2017 there was a Mother 2 cover created together with Nintendo.

Just take a look here to check out some of Techo covers.

I am not a big fan of spending a fortune on covers so as you can see from the photos; I go coverless. So far my Techo is holding up pretty well.

The best planner out there

Personally, I don’t need another planner or diary, Techo is all I need. I also got spoiled by Tomoe River paper to the point that I can’t imagine using something else. It’s really that good!

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Hobonichi Techo