Hobonichi Techo 2018 – Hands On

Dreams sometimes come true – I finally got myself a Hobonichi Techo.

I always wanted to buy a Hobonichi Techo, but every time something stopped me. Back in Europe, I found them to be too expensive and I didn’t know I could import them directly from Japan. Maybe I couldn’t? It was 5 years ago and I am not even sure if they shipped them internationally

When I moved to Taiwan I tried to get one many times and every time I didn’t. Either there was no Techno available (the only version with the English language) or I was postponing a trip to the store telling myself “I will go next week”. In the end, they were sold out or I would just buy something else and I didn’t need another journal.

This year is different and I finally bought a Hobonichi Techo! It happened so suddenly. Last weekend I went to a local bookstore and this is what I saw:

Hobonichi Books

I was so happy that I almost cried! Finally, I found you Hobonichi! Finally, I can get you!

Not so fast… This would be too perfect. Turns out THEY HAD NO COVERS FOR TECHO!

So, in the end, I got myself Techo in English but without a cover. I still have time, Techo starts from Jan 2018, to find one but I might as well go “commando” and skip a cover altogether. I will see. It will be interesting to see how Techo holds up without any protection.

Hobonichi Techo 2018

So far I love the look and feel of it. Even without a cover, it feels sturdy. And the paper… Just touching it makes me smile, I can’t wait to try all my pens and inks and see how it performs, but this has to wait. I will review it in January 2018, after I have a chance to use it.