Pilot Custom 92 vs. TWSBI 580AL

Pilot Custom 92 vs. TWSBI 580AL

The world of fountain pens is amazing and Pilot Custom 92 with TWSBI 580AL are great examples of how pens can be so similar but also so different at the same time.  For someone who is not a pen aficionado, they might as well seem same, apart from different colors of the barrels. In reality, the only thing they have in common is the filling mechanism.

I will spoil the fun and tell you right away, I love them both, but if I were to choose only one I would go with the Custom 92. Continue reading “Pilot Custom 92 vs. TWSBI 580AL”

Sailor HighAce Neo – a fine greatness

Sailor HighAce Neo

Sailor High Ace Neo is one of the cheapest Sailors and one of my favorite pens.  I love it so much that I have 5 of them. It’s still a bargain at 9 USD (this is what I paid here in Taiwan) but it has more “soul” than the Preppy. I would even say that thanks to the aluminum cap this pen looks kinda sophisticated. Especially when the pen is closed or capped, it looks much more expensive than it is. Continue reading “Sailor HighAce Neo – a fine greatness”