Pilot Custom 92 vs. TWSBI 580AL

Pilot Custom 92 vs. TWSBI 580AL

The world of fountain pens is amazing and Pilot Custom 92 with TWSBI 580AL are great examples of how pens can be so similar but also so different at the same time.  For someone who is not a pen aficionado, they might as well seem same, apart from different colors of the barrels. In reality, the only thing they have in common is the filling mechanism.

I will spoil the fun and tell you right away, I love them both, but if I were to choose only one I would go with the Custom 92. Continue reading “Pilot Custom 92 vs. TWSBI 580AL”

Midori letter set

MIdori letter set

I love Midori, so when I saw this letter set I had to buy it.  Pages and envelopes are made of fountain friendly paper.  It’s a pleasure to write on both.  I was especially suprisded with envelopes. It’s almost like having Tomoe river paper envelopes with all sheen benefits.

Sadly, I won’t share any writing samples. I bought this set especially for letters and I won’t waste even one page 🙂 Continue reading “Midori letter set”